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Me and an SD video camera circa 2006.


I work in the legal services field and volunteer on various local productions.
Bachelor of Science (Management, Marketing) 2004-2011
Thomas Kane UPM/AD workshop: 2010
Portland State University Film Studies Minor: 2006-2009
Northwest Film Center: 2000, 2008
Community College video intern: 1999-2000
High school video production classes: 1997-1999


Producer of Marketing and Distribution/Consulting:
I prefer to do marketing consulting with creatives (artists, writer, filmmakers) rather than large companies. My rates range between $16 per hour (independent filmmakers) and $30 per hour (small businesses). I base my monthly PMD retainer on the amount of work required.
I'm currently focusing on creative projects and not considering any videography projects at this time.


My hobbies are film, video, and writing. Some of my videos have appeared on KGW Channel 8, the Dennis Kucinich 2004 campaign website, the PSU Women's Studies Domestic Abuse Conference, and Portland cable access stations.


The Future:
I'm currently working on a novel and a novella.


Personal blog: Howard PDX




Reel (Filmmaker Resume):

Year: 2010

Title: Jian's Dream

Roles: Writer, Director, Camera, Editor, SFX

Year: 2008

Title: The Mormons

Roles: Camera (specific scenes), Editor, Co-Director

Year: 2006

Title: Talking About It

Roles: Camera, Editor, Director, Cinematographer

Year: 2005

Title: Now Entering Portland

Roles: Interviewer, Editor

Year: 2003

Title: Abdo

Roles: Animator, Model Builder

Year: 2000

Title: Card Game

Role: Writer, Camera, Cinematographer

Year: 2000

Title: Lost Memories

Role: Camera (specific scenes), Editor